What would Don Draper do in a digital world?

comScore ARS has developed a series of reports focused on the important role of creative in advertising. The first paper in the series focuses on the role of creative in digital.  It starts the conversation around why there is so little focus on it.  Though I’d suggest that perhaps that depends on the definition of creative and what particular digital channel you’re exploring.

The report does make some interesting points around testing strategies.  As digital budgets increase, why isn’t this a standard part of the process as it is with other channels? I guess it could be argued that as digital is so measurable, this should be done throughout the life of a campaign.  Ad serving platforms such as DoubleClick and Mediaplex allow you to run various creative executions, and have them optimised depending on their success.  Even though this is essentially based on CTR which, as the report states, is becoming decreasingly significant as a metric, it is still a worthwhile tool for “traditional digital”.  And of course the joy of social is your consumers will add their voice even if you don’t solicit it.  So should the strategy be: launch, listen, adapt, re-launch?  Is that feasible? Will it need a complete cultural shift on the part of agencies and clients?

And Don Draper?  I agree with comScore’s conclusions.  He’d  view the internet for what it is: just another channel.   A place to do what advertising has always done – attempt to win the hearts and minds of consumers.  He’d still focus on the creative, and he’d be right to do so.

Take a look at the report here.  comScore ARS – When Advertising Goes Digital What do you think?

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