We really are True Romantics

I’ve been meaning to write about this all month to give you more chance to check it out, but time as run by and here we are on the last day of a remarkable campaign.

We worked with the nation’s heart charity, The British Heart Foundation (BHF) to launch a new fundraising initiative in Covent Garden and Camden Lock this February.  We invited true romantics to make public declarations of love in support of National Heart Month. We invited them to  write a message on a heart-shaped fob and  attaching  it with a red lock to giant L.O.V.E and Heart sculptures made of galvanised steel,  over   standing over 2 metres high.

We ordered 10,000 locks.  We looked at the empty (though still beautiful) installations and wondered if those true romantics existed. And then they came … You’ll see from the video below that the reaction from the public was overwhelmingly positive.  And having spent time back at the Covent Garden site this month, I’ve witnessed this first hand.  Even when the fundraising team had left for the day, people were stopping, reading, making passersby take photos of them next to it, sharing socially.


And those 10,000 locks? All sold out.  What an incredible response.



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