Let it grow, let it grow.

So this is Christmas. And here we are again.  What a year. Or rather “what a rather hectic but interesting looking year” in the words of the man I pay to do my tax return.

I’ve enjoyed it, even though it has been busy, and at times chaotic.  I’ve had fun freelancing with some amazing clients.  I’m proud to have joined The Good Agency. I’m honoured to have been invited onto the Social Media Week board. I’m ecstatic to have got my scuba diving mojo back again.

Hope your 2011 was as interesting, and 2012 turns out even more so.  To celebrate, have a look about The Good Agency Christmas forest.  Every tree here has been planted by a friend, colleague or client. Every one is different. And every one represents a real tree that we’ll plant somewhere in the UK in 2012.

2 thoughts on “Let it grow, let it grow.

    1. londoncharlotte says:

      Thanks David! Not seeing ads this end (and not registered to carry them). Could you email a screenshot if you get a chance? Might be something local to you (as you’re in more exotic pastures than London).

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