500, 000 miles, 157 stops, 1 mission: to treat preventable blindness

Every year, the ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital, a state-of-the-art eye hospital with wings, circumnavigates the globe saving the sight of thousands of vulnerable people.  And what better way to showcase that work than letting people become virtual pilots? This week ORBIS UK, the charity dedicated to providing quality eye care to transform lives, launched Operation Sight Flight  in partnership with us at  The Good Agency.  Users  navigate the virtual Flying Eye Hospital along a 300 mile leg of the 500,000 mile target journey, exploring the work of ORBIS as they go.  They can then share their flight with their social networks, recruiting new pilots to the mission.

Team Digital had great fun developing this.   The work that the ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital does globally gave us a unique opportunity to build an interactive piece of data visualization. All the flight paths are built from the plane’s own data sets, and the content has been developed from the crew’s location reports. To quote our  client, Krishani Ranaweera, Head of Communications – UK & EMEA, ORBIS UK

“World Sight Day is a key moment for ORBIS — so we were proud to team up
with The Good Agency to build an innovative app that enables people to get
involved with our work and see how we save sight all over the world.”

Operation Sight Flight went live on Monday 10th October, timed to celebrate World Sight Day (which this year falls on Thursday 13th October). It is being promoted by Facebook adverts as well as ORBIS UK’s own social media accounts and has already attracted hundreds of visitors.   You can take a look around the map and fly the plane here.   And if you’re sharing it on Twitter, you can use the #flytheplane tag.

Quick Friday update:  Third Sector picked us as their Digital Campaign of the Week,  and Howard Lake at UK Fundraising also had kind things to say.  Which is all rather pleasing.


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