So this is what I said

These are the slides we used at the Public Sector Communications Forum last Friday. (The title is all their own).  In the end we had just over 30 minutes with the delegates, so not really enough time to get deeply into debate.

However, topics that popped up were:

  • Why bring the audience to you when you could go to them (or, you’ve guessed it, why not just set up a Facebook page)
  • What to measure – how do you justify ROI
  • How to reach out to hyper-local sites and bloggers

We also got murmurs of recognition when we touched upon challenges such as internal culture, IT protocols blocking most resources and, that challenge that seems unique to the public sector, still using IE6. Not a browser that lends itself to the social web.

Finally, from the Digital Lounge group on LinkedIn, we’ve got a bit of a debate starting about using location based services in the public sector. As Foursquare is about to be embedded into Love Camden, it’s a topic close to my heart. I’ll be back thoughts on this and some of the other topics raised as soon as work deadlines permit.

Meanwhile, naturally I’d welcome yours.

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