Camden Council and Pepperami

I’ve already Tweeted about this, but I am still feeling pretty chuffed to have had my  work with Camden Council commented on in various marketing media. It was a true team effort, with LoveCamden’s Twitter followers coming up with a huge range of responses to the question “What would you do with £1,000?” (some more printable than others) and Camden’s inhouse design team really getting creative with those answers. The web team created a competition page within a couple of hours of the idea formulating, and we had 80 clicks on that page within 30 minutes of announcing things. We ran the competition for just over 48 hours, but we got most response within the first 24, which makes me think perhaps we should have run it for less?

Crowdsourcing creative, having work discussed in Marketing Week and having yourself compared to Perperami are all firsts for the council.  But hopefully not lasts.  You can read the various takes on things below.

Marketing Week


Social Media Monday

(This post was originally published on my old site).

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